I'm a technical writer/editor, information designer in the IT industry for more than a decade, working at the intersection of technical communication, content design, and usability testing. I create and maintain user-friendly developer documentation, design and write e-learning modules. Some topics I covered include networking, cloud computing, REST APIs, and IoT. As a hobbyist, I'm also familiar with core principles of game development and worked with Unity 3D game engine and 3D content creation tool such as Cinema 4D. Other portfolio projects include published Android and web apps, as well as enhanced content consisting of text and images created by the latest generative AI tools.


As a multi-channel content specialist, I leverage all available approaches to improve communications. I use both 2D and 3D graphic tools: Adobe Creative Suite for creating compelling visuals, for example, wireframes and visual mockups for optimizing content flows and UX; Unity 3D for fast prototyping.


All of my past projects led me to work with not only diverse but global teams. And I excel in environments where cross-functional communication between engineering, content, and marketing teams plays a key role.


Contact me via Linkedin in all matters related to content and/or opportunities related to building developer relations through content.